With yoga you can dramatically retard, even reverse the tendency to stiffen as you age. You can actually bring the suppleness of youth back into your life and be more flexible, durable and stronger. One of the most obvious things about having a body is it tends to stiffen. As you age your flexibility diminishes. Perhaps you feel less energetic, less resilient to change, more prone to injury and injuries take
    Health supportive cooking begins with the understanding of proper food and water. Everyone wants to eat healthy, the cost and the taste do not have to be a deterrent! Not if you know how to do it! Let me teach you how to create your own health and empower you to start today with powerful understanding and tools that take you to the great health and appearance you have always
    The difference is having a coach- Anti-aging, wellness, weight loss any life changing action. If I can help you feel free to email me at coachkat@frownies.com. ....understanding you are the only one that can change you. Changing begins with the choices you make. Sign up for my free newsletter and get health and beauty news sent directly to you each week. Start by making a declaration that moves you forward in
    Therapeutic grade Essential Oils used for aroma therapy, personal care or household solutions every aspect of daily life can benefit from incorporation of essential oils. Lear how to apply Essential Oils to the Five Elements Theory at our monthly meetings.

Strategies for creating health and preventing disease for women and those they love


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Your Health in Your Hands strategies for creating health and preventing disease for women and those they love. Get started today!


Your Health in the Kitchen will help you cut through the confusion and create healthy, delicious, easy to prepare natural and raw food meals.

turn off obesity disease and dieting


Understand how the foods you eat and the thoughts you think affect every system of your body . Let Coaching help you design the life you want and make it happen.

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