Your Health Turned On

Kat Wright will empower you to live a life of health and wellness as well as end obesity, disease, and dieting in your life. It is a lifestyle makeover with tools and training to transform your way of thinking that is running your life.Exposing health and empowering women to take actions and make attitude changes that will affect the quality of your well being in the area of physical health as well as weight loss. Weight loss alone is difficult if you are just disciplining yourself without understanding.

This book develops an understating of principals and strategies that will support lifestyle changes that keep the weight off and you feeling great.

Renewing your mind will start you on a now path to lifelong wellness. You will find the best of current information on health and well-being sandwiched between the pages of this easy to read manual.


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Your Health in the Kitchen

Loaded with nutrient dense recipes to turn on health and stop disease, obesity and dieting is a cookbook full of delicious vegan, plant based recipes. The book is for those who would like to understand vegan recipes from a gluten free, macrobiotic, or raw foods perspective. Raw macadamia nut chocolate cream pie, pressed salads, simple to prepare gluten free dishes. The authors 35 plus years of experience has proven to be a test to the balance taught in this cooking manual. One of a kind combining the concepts of raw and macrobiotic makes gluten free a simple easy to understand. Weather you are cooking for someone with special needs or just want to add quality antioxidants and nutrition to your daily meals this cookbook will prove to be a daily manual.

“I feel that if most individuals would read and live by even 50% of the principles addressed in this book we would not even have to debate a fix to our health-care system as cost would dramatically go down and quality of life would rise.” Jodi Van Jura, M.D. Springboro Ohio Board Certified in family Medicine Full Time outpatient practice Medical Director for KMC Community Wellness Medical Advisory board Member for The Miami Valley Women’s Center


Your Health in Your Hands

is a 236 page journey; suggesting an investment in your better health will yield dividends of longevity and a youthfull appearance. How to make you own skin mask with plants at home, daily healthy score and disease score and much more.

As leader and developer of FROWNIE’S Skin Care line and a Traditional Naturopath I want you to understand the value your lifestyle choices have on the way you feel and outward appearance of your skin’s beauty. Skin youthfulness is something you can affect daily with the choices you make. Products are necessary to protect and enhance your appearance but what you consume and your lifestyle choices play a large role in your physical beauty.

Realizing we are all at different places on our journey I use my experience as a Nutritional Consultant and Traditional Naturopath to teach you how to make simple choices leading to health and beauty.



Your Health in the Kitchen Cooking demo

3-1 hour DVDs
Raw and Macrobiotic Food Prep

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3-1hour Whole Food Preparation DVDs

Kat will take you into her kitchen where she prepares nutritious vegan whole foods. Dishes include delicious raw recipes, macrobiotic, vegetarian and just simple health supportive cooking and conversation. Dr. Kat’s ideas are not restrictive of you or your diet. She teaches principles of adding more living, health supportive foods to your meal plans, expanding your options and giving you freedom to choose health.

Each time you view the preparation of this culinary feast, you will gain a new and deeper understanding of the principles that create health supportive living and eating. You will listen a second and third time to Dr. Kat’s witty and entertaining stores and suggestions.

Most people don’t realize that almost every physical problem we experience (other than an accident) has a diet-related cause. What leads to disease in the body and what leads to wellness and how to add those things into our lives is the topic of discussion as Kat cooks up a feast every-time.
COST: $52.00


Understanding a Healthy Body

is an 8 hour CD with notes you can
use as part of your plan to create health in your life.

Listening to conversations on health and how the body works is a great way to renew your mind and understand the effect of healthy choices. I keep something in my car that is transformational every day to listen and keep myself programed for health and personal power.

An impoverished diet consists of food stripped of its nutrition, refined and processed to the point of no real food value. The food becomes a cheap, carbohydrate-only food, that never satisfies hunger or nutritional needs.

When an individual consumes this impoverished diet, he over eats to satisfy a nutritional need that can not be met by these foods. Overeating of cheap, refined carbohydrates leads to obesity and malnutrition that stresses the body and the pancreas leading to metabolic syndrome and eventually type 2 diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

The rules for healthy eating are based on the nutritional needs of the human body. Renew your mind as you add this new way of thinking to your increasing understanding.

Your can download the Free sample of the handout at the below link .

Total 8-1 hour CD’s and a 50 page booklet providing one more option to empower you to renew your mind and create the health you always wanted for the rest of your life.


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