·        Natural foods unprocessed come from God’s creation

·        Seasonal; the body has different needs in different climates

·        Rotational; variety of foods ensures a variety of nutrients

·        Balanced; proper amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat, carbohydrates, micronutrients, enzymes, and fluids.

·        Moderate; over eating even health supportive foods creates a stress on the system.


                                           Animal food in diet                 No animal food in diet

Whole grains                                25%                                      25%

Vegetables                                    35%                                     35%

Beans                                            10%                                     10-15%

Fruit                                              15%                                      15%

Nuts and Seeds                             10%                                      10-15%

Dairy Products, Meat,                   5%                                         0

Poultry, eggs

There is are many books written of different types of diets

·        The Blood Type diet, based on evolution and different generational evolutional patterns

·        Acid/Alkaline diet, very important to balance acid and alkaline effects of foods. As we discussed the digestive system if given plenty of CHEWED whole foods to work with will adjust the alkalinity of you system.

·        Macrobiotic diet is a whole foods plant based system with an eastern slant that has shown to strengthen the body.

·        Ayurvedic diet is a constitutional typing diet based on whole plan foods that goes back to India with tradition.

·        Adkins diet is a high protein diet that has been proven to cause serious health problems.

·        South Beach diet is basically a modified American diet with a little better quality of foods.

The Ideal Diet-What is it ?