Creating a Healthy Life


Physical and Emotional Energy

Each individual has a unique vibration or frequency. That vibration is influenced by many experiences and in turn influences your daily experiences.

Imagine you are at a meeting with 70 other people. Each person is having a different experience even though it is the same meeting for all attending. That is true and that is our uniqueness.  What is true is what you see and experience but only true for yo.

What does it take to be the healthiest you possible and live your greatest life?

Can vibrations strengthen and build your immune system, reduce pain and stress? Can the energy and vibration cause disease and stress?

After 40 plus years of living and practicing Christ conscious living and macrobiotic, nutrient dense plant based meal plan along with herbal remedies, essential oils, yoga, meditation and clean sustainable living, I am committed to helping you get your best life. 

Christ is  spirit and in Christ I am able to access all possibilities and understand all things. What is macrobiotics? Macrobiotics is a system of holistic principles and dynamic practices that guides choices in nutrition, activity, and lifestyle for physical, emotional, mental, social, and environmental health.

As I move into the late 60’s I continue to push my healthy living plan to include my 70’s, 80’s and beyond! I want  you along with me. Are you ready for the ride? 

Can you imaging living pain free and always  having lots of energy?

Contact me with questions at and lets start a conversation that empowers you to get on a path of healthy living.

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