Understanding Acidosis

Overview: What is Acidosis?

Acidosis is an abnormal increase in the acidity of the body’s fluids.

We are born with in a slightly alkaline body. We have optimum health with a slightly alkaline body. Unfortunately, our bodies are acid generating by function. And in order to protect itself from an overabundance of acid waste, it will do all sorts of things to keep our blood at a 7.35 to 7.4 pH level, including things that eventually do a lot of harmful damage over time.

We live in a world where acidosis is at the root of many health problems, diseases, and illnesses. Acidosis happens when the body has more acid than it can effectively process. Many people seeking relief from symptoms of chronic conditions and are not aware of where these symptomatologies  originate. In each case, they stem from an increase in the amount of acid in the body. Such conditions include

·         arthritis

·         arteriosclerosis

·         cancer

·         diabetes

·         emphysema

Acidosis is so common it is assumed to be normal; however, it is most definitely not what our bodies need to be normal. Acidosis is the forerunner of most, if not ALL, chronic degenerative diseases, including:

·         arthritis,

·         cancer,

·         diabetes, and

·         heart disease.

These particular diseases are so prominent in our society that they are considered an epidemic here in the US.

Acidosis is also linked to our mental and emotional state of mind. Did you know that negative thoughts can lead to creating more acid due to speeding up our body’s metabolic activity? Our negative thoughts can become such an acid waste factory, that even when eating the right alkaline foods will not be enough.

In fact, the more acidic we become, the more unpleasantly negative, defensive, argumentative and depressed we become. People who are suffering with these attitudes on a chronic level are most certainly in some degree of acidosis. If those things are bad enough, acidosis corrodes arteries, veins and heart tissues. It is not surprising that the number one cause of death in the USA is heart disease. Many people who eat low fat diets and maintain a healthy lifestyle, still have high cholesterol. This is due to the true enemy of high cholesterol being the pH levels in the blood.

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