Yoga Benefits all ages.  

Yoga isn’t just for the young and strong. Many people turn away from yoga because they think they will not be able to do many of the poses, that they will not experience the benefits if they don’t twist into a pretzel. What you don’t realize is that yoga is noncompetitive, and poses can be modified to meet each person’s individual needs. You may never look like the front of Yoga Journal, but you can still experience the benefits of yoga.

Many of the symptoms often suffered from as we age can be alleviated by practicing yoga. The gentle postures of yoga, coupled with relaxation breathing, work to reduce stress, fatigue, and inflammation, while also reducing the risk of fall related injuries.

Yoga Benefits of Increase Flexibility and Stability

Those of you who have practiced yoga before know that yoga gently increases your flexibility while helping to improve your stability. The more flexible and stable you are, the less likely you are to fall as you age. I have many 75+ year young friends that are no more likely to fall than I am at 58.

Yoga Benefits to Sleep Habits

If you suffer from poor sleep, yoga may be able to help you better relax and sleep longer. Yoga poses are designed to bring your awareness inward to relax you mind while stretching and relaxing your body. A relaxed mind and body will drift off into sleep more easily and will result in a more sound sleep. Improved sleep helps to reduce fatigue and mental stress related to lack of sleep.

Yoga Benefits to Mental Health

Stepping onto the mat is a time to be focused on only you.  It’s a time to forget about your day-to-day responsibilities and to focus your attention inwards. Focus on your breath and notice how your body is feeling. Taking time from your day to focus on your inner-self will help alleviate the stress of daily living. Alleviating stress will enhance your mood, reduce inflammation and slow weight gain.


Anti-aging Yoga