You are the only one who can be proactive with your health care. I want you to understand the principles of health. Your body can regenerate and heal or you can push it so far you develop diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and the host of other degenerative conditions.

Eating primarily raw foods and cooked nutrient dense foods will give you the power to reverse disease and prevent it. I want to tell you of my personal experiment.

Over the holiday I had a few cocktails with my adult children. Three days in a row I had a few cocktails. Rum soaked pineapple, pomegranate juice, and mint leaves very delicious, bloody Mary’s with organic tomato juice and spices, then wine. I really did not drink much but for me that is a lot. Guess what for the first time ever I had pain in my hands. That’s right I am 56 and do not have arthritis at all not until I created inflammation by drinking alcohol three days in a row.

There is a principle here your body when in good health can bounce back from an occasional indiscretion. But keep it up and it breaks down. Breakdown means pain!

The good news is health can be restored I ate well, drank my super foods, used essential oils and I am back to no pain. I even do yoga on a regular schedule and have no wrist pain. No inflammation no pain.

Pain is a signal from your body not a sign of aging.

Are Your Ready to Commit to Your Healthcare?

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