If you had a diagnosis of disease today what would you do? 

Prevention is always the best medicine.

A lifestyle that promotes wellness and strong healthy  living is easier with a coach and more that ever necessary.

You can travel all over the world or come to my Dayton Ohio Location for coaching!

On line study works  and there are soooo many instructional videos on YouTube that are great and very informative. Personal coaching is always a supplement to your own research and a support in your choices.

You can control your health with the choices you make,  foods you eat and how you move your body. Learn how and why to add more nutrient rich foods to your choices and adjust your life to include movement and meditation.

Healthy Living Happens with Support.

Through our comprehensive combination of safe and effective natural healthcare methodologies, we have consistent success in assisting our clients in restoring health and maintaining overall mental, physical and spiritual well being for over 30 years.

If you are suffering from chronic ailments and willing to adjust your lifestyle to regain your health, we can offer guidance in helping you identify the root cause of your health problems, achieve balance, avoid detrimental toxins, obtain proper nourishment and support your innate immune system – allowing your body to heal naturally.

Our focus is to partner with you in balancing the three main components to total well being and enjoyment of life; MENTAL HEALTH, PHYSICAL HEALTH  and SPIRITUAL HEALTH.

Kat was Licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association

She will apply the principles and offer the natural protocols embraced by Science to assist you in restoring health and maintaining overall mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

  • Personalized Plan. Genuinely personalized health plan does not involve one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approaches to restoration of health. You and your journey in life to this point in time have been unique. While your path to maintaining or recovery may have similarities to those struggling with the  same conditions, it is likely that your robust health and wellness will have its own unique twists and turns.
  • Planning for Success. You get the time you need to understand your health concerns, evaluate whether her services are right for you.
  • A Holistic Approach. As you consider the complex web of interactions presented by your personal background, unique physiology and lifestyle that contribute to your present health; both internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environmental) factors affecting how your total system is functioning are taken into account.

Your willingness to make significant lifestyle changes, probably including diet and exercise, and to pursue other natural protocols that will be examined will be a major factor in how long it takes for your to obtain a state of vibrant health and well-being.

Avenues to Wellness Culinary Institute was founded by Kat Wright in 1982 on the principle that what we eat significantly affects our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
Understanding that each individual reacts differently to food, we know each of us will thrive on a unique diet. There is no one perfect food or dietary regimen that works for everyone. There are principals to make healthy choices. If your doctor has told you to eat more veggies, Kat offers her support to help you make it happen, if you are vegan and you are at a loss for what to eat Kat can help you, and if you fall anywhere in between a coaching session with Kat will assist you in making your lifestyle choices work.

Kat Wright, is licensed through The Pastoral Medical Association , has a Naturopathic Doctor Degree, and is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Licensed Health Minister and author of 3 books. She is the founder of A Venue to Wellness, which offers Biofeedback for stress reduction, coaching, private Yoga and Healthy cooking classes through DVD’s and Cook Books or private cooking lessons.

APPOINTMENT’S ARE NECESSARY  questions 937-477-6125 or kat@katwrightnd.com

Cooking DVD and books  available    click here

DVD includes 3 classes, recipes and lots of information on why and how to start on your path to the joy and freedom of health.

Menus will change seasonally but include protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, good fats, fiber and lots of love all from local plant sources when available. Will not include gluten, refined dead flours, chemicals or animal foods.

Kitchen set up-plans, special helpful appliances and how to use them.
Become a part of a committed community.

Watch Kat in the Kitchen Natural Food Wisdom

For personal classes, contact Kat Wright at 937-477-6125 leave name and phone contact information to register

Watch Kat in the Kitchen Natural Food Wisdom
With these principles in mind, Avenues to Wellness supports a framework for healthy food selection based on high quality ingredients, concepts of eastern/western nutrition and a variety of dietary paradigms. To accomplish this goal, we look to the whole food traditions of our healthy ancestors as well as to modern scientific studies. Our approach empowers people to tailor their eating style to support their individual health needs and goals. In addition, we equip members with new life habits, ensuring a foundation for success.

Gluten free is an important step for over 75% of the population of the US today. All the dishes prepared in every class are gluten free and support a healthy weight and strong body.

RAW foods– if you don’t understand how people live on salads alone that is because they don’t. Every class will help you understand the balance necessary to accomplish a healthy lifestyle while focusing on a raw enzyme rich plan. On a Raw foods plan you can lose amazing amount of weight, promote healing from all types of illness and prevent illness while you continue to look and feel younger.

Cooked (whole plant foods & macrobiotics) can help you build strength and overcome disease if you are trying to learn about the fine tuned balance of a macrobiotic diet these classes will clear out the misunderstanding. If you want to add nutrient dense foods to your meal plan you will gain an array of ideas for a delicious daily menu.

Chef/Teacher: Kat Wright ND Health Coaching Consultations Available

Kat has over 30 years preparing and teaching whole food preparation. Let Kat help you get on track by adding tasty easy to prepare whole food to your life. Kat raised 5 children on a nutrient dense plant based diet and can help assist you as you move through the stages of life as a family or single adult.