Essential oils kept me pain free for the entire Yoga experience; 15 days of intense sitting on the floor. That was the hardest thing to do at 57. These oils kept me comfortable especially the one called Pain Away.
There is not better company than Young Living for essential oils!

Their oils are grown on property that has never been plowed or subjected to harsh chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers and are never cut with petroleum or other synthetic ingredients. (which is common for essential oils)

Their oils are medical grade, can be consumed and are great for restoring health. Theives from cloves, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary is great to help the body  fight off flu and colds. Diffuse it, wash you hands with it, carry Theives hand sanitizer and cough drops.

Grown in Idaho, Utah, France, or Ecuador the highest quality is always their standard.

My medicine chest always contains the Everyday Oils code # 3695

You can use oils to release stress, sports injuries, sleep disturbances, insect bites, inflammation headache, anxiety and nausea. You can pick up your energy by just smelling these high quality oils.

I put oils on my ankles and wrist every night to bring myself to a deep relaxed state or energized if I need it.

You can get the oils at a discounted price by signing in here
I recommend you get a kit of essential oils to have on hand to use as your personal medicine chest. You will always be able to buy wholesale even just one item after that.

I also ate the Essential Greens caps every day just to get the oils into my body to aid in digestion and fight disease. Amazing try it.

Best Essential Oils