A report in the Journal of Natural Products (published by the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society) in 1999, concluded that tart cherries may relieve pain better than aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs. The same study says the consumption of about 20 cherries reduced inflammation as well as of aspirin or the “cox-2” inhibiting drugs, without the side effects of gastric bleeding or vitamin depletion associated with these drugs.

But when cherry growers began to cite this scientific research, the FDA sent warning letters to 29 companies that market cherries, threatening regulatory action if they didn’t remove the science regarding the anti-inflammatory properties of cherries from their websites.

And to add insult to injury, while the FDA approves potentially lethal patented medicines, the FDA has also been actively fighting against your right to keep yourself healthy with foods and food supplements! Picking on cherries is just one example. All the way back in 1949, former FDA commissioner Dr. George Larrick said: “The activities of…so-called health food lecturers have increasingly engaged our attention….[we are fighting] the good fight against dried vegetables, vitamins, and similar products.”

Wow consumer protection and rights are an unusual game in the United States. I say we just eat our fruits and vegetables and start understanding that the more food has been manipulated (processed) the less you know about its affect on your body or your health.
Soft drinks, white, bleached, enriched, bromated, preserved foods should all have a warning label and a tax. Money speaks louder than consumer health though so you will have to police yourself and your food choices. Share this site with your friends on facebook or your blog. Thanks!!

Eat Cherries this spring!