If you have never used essential oils you are in for a treat. There is so much to know and many ways to use these gifts from God. First I want to let you know there are different grades of oils. Only use therapeutic grade essential oil. Everything I say is only true of therapeutic grade. I purchase all my oils for Youngliving.com if you have been using oils and getting the results you are looking for you probably purchase from them. I used to try to use other oils without getting the effects I was looking for I thought they we nice to smell. That is not it.

Essential oils can quickly penetrate the skin and within 20 minutes effect every cell in the body. That is pretty good considering they can increase oxygen, stimulate the immune system and reduce oxidative stress, .

Tet’s talk about frequency. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy everything has a frequency. The human body has a frequency of 62 to 68 MHz when it is healthy. The lower the frequency goes the more susceptible to disease we are.

Smelling a cup of coffee lowered the frequency of a 24 year old male in one research study done to 58 MHz in 3 seconds. He then removed the coffee and inhaled an aroma of essential oil. Within 21 seconds, his frequency had returned to 66. A second 24 year old male took a sip of coffee and his frequency dropped to 52 MHz no essential oils were used and it took 3 days for his frequency to return to normal.

Everything we eat and drink has an effect on out health. Essentials oils are what they call heterogenetic; meaning they are very diverse in their effect and can perform several different functions. Synthetic chemicals are exactly the opposite they can perform only one action.

Anxiety, Stress Tension: Valor, Lavender, Peace and Calming, Frankincense

Bruises: Lavender and PanAway

Cigarette Smoke: Purification

Concentration: Peppermint, lemon

Immune Support: Lemon, thieves

Headaches: Peppermint, lavender, and Valor

Sleep Disturbances: Lavender,
Peace& Calming and Valor

The AMA determined if they could find an agent that would pass the blood-brain barrier, they could cure Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s. In June of 1994 it was documented by the Medical University of Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria that susquiterpenes have the ability to go beyond the blood brain barrier. High levels of sesquiterpenes are found in essential oils of frankincense and sandalwood, they help increase the amount of oxygen in the limbic system of the brain particularly around the pineal and pituitary glands. This leads to increased secretions of antibodies, endorphins, and neurotransmitters necessary for healthy cellular function.

You can purchase as a customer or sign in as a frequent user and get better prices but essential oils are a must for preventive health care in the flu season.

I use so many of their products I love the smell of my body wash, shampoo and toothpaste all the while I am getting the frequencies that balance my health. If I feel run down I drench myself in oils. I will continue to update you on what essential oils can do for us.

Thieves hand wash, sanitary spray and lozenges are always with me during the flu season and the Immune Boost –Inner defense- is a daily must.
I spray the seats in the restrooms and the door handles with the spray and use the water less hand purifier too.

Energy and Essential oils