groceries in a bagThis site is full of health supportive information look around at the blog post under each category and take only as much information as you can digest. Kat Wright is a traditional naturalist, certified nutritional consultant, registered yoga instruction, quantum bio-feed back specialist and author.  She has a  Counseling degree, a Doctor Naturopathy degree, and certifications in natural health.   She has taught macrobiotic cooking principals to people with cancer and other disease.  Kat has taught raw foods  principals and balanced nutrition for over 30 years. Her family of five was raised on a nutrient dense, modified macrobiotic/raw food diet. They spent next to nothing on medical expenses and all stayed healthy because of the food and lifestyle choices they lived by.

This is a site dedicated to informing the community of people in the greater Dayton, Ohio area interested in health and wellness of upcoming events and classes that support their commitment to a healthy responsible life or anyone around the globe looking to create more personal health and take responsibility for their life choices.

Now 60, Kat has given birth to five healthy children (at home). The past 35 years she progressively studied and taught different modalities of wellness from meditation and biofeedback to cooking and healthy lifestyle choices. Kat:

“I started my first cooking classes in 1982 and taught Macrobiotic principals of food and lifestyle choices. I studied to be a Macrobiotic counselor and lived a strict Macrobiotic lifestyle for over 25 years. I would say I still live a modified macrobiotic life based on principals of health and freedom to choose. I taught only vegan cooking classes even though some of the people taking the classes ate meat, the intent on my part was to increase the consumption of health supportive nutrient dense foods.

I know we all would be healthier if we consumed more vegetables. You cannot eat to many vegetables. If you want to be lean, strong and healthy eat vegetables.

I am a Certified Natural Health Professional, with a certification in Nutritional Counseling, and finished my Doctor of Natropathy in March of 2010 am studying to be a master essential specialist at this time. I am always studying quantum physics and bio-feed back for health.

I have not stopped teaching health supportive cooking classes for these past 35 years and have meet lots of wonderful people. Most people want to improve their lifestyle habits before the become ill and others want to make changes because they have been diagnosed with something as serious as cancer or diabetes and they want to know how transform an exciting diet and lifestyle to something that promotes health and longevity.

If you are looking for quantum bio-feedback, yoga, essential oil advice, a Macrobiotic counselor, raw food tips or gluten free recipes you have come to the right place. I rarely eat gluten even though I am not gluten intolerant. 99% of my recipes are gluten free because fresh and healthy foods are usually gluten free. Join  the Healthy Body Newsletter for health and beauty tips sent to your email,or get my health and wellness books, watch the cooking  DVD’s or attend a class,  just visit this site for support.

Living a life of responsibility for the outcomes is rewarding and renewing.  I challenge you to take and class and see what it means to be committed to personal wellness and sustainable lifestyle. Cooking Classes link

I always have scholarships available if you find yourself in a financial  compromising situation and want to commit to a healthier way of choosing life.