What is the single most important thing you can do right now to improve health, reduce health care costs and prevent degenerative disease? The answer according to Cancer Research UK, National Osteoporosis Society, Multiple Sclerosis Society, British Association of Dermatologists, Diabetes UK, National Heart Forum and the Primary Care Dermatology Society, is boosting vitamin D intake through both nutritional supplements and sunshine.

But because of the remarkable benefits of vitamin D, it represents a grave threat to the continuation of the sick-care medical system in the US and that’s why U.S. non-profits will continue to resist not only making any kind of announcements that support vitamin D but will continue to warn Americans of the risk of taking too much vitamin D.
The truth will be found out by the people though and the sick care industry of the US will not be able to stand up under the financial burden and eventually they will agree with the healthier nations of the world and tell us to get out in the sun and get vitamin D.

How to improve health, prevent disease and health care costs