Beware of products claiming to prevent aging. Studies have shown some anti-wrinkle creams could actually accelerate aging. BBC News reported alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), a term we’re all familiar with, could cause long-term damage. The chemicals in AHA’s, in fact, increase the number of damaged cells rather than heal them, thus stimulating reddening, blistering and burning of the skin. Always check your labels and be sure of the ingredients in all of your skin care products. All mineral oil or petroleum products in skincare products are damaging to the skin and long term. Parabens are petroleum; any thing that has a paraben at the end of the word avoid.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and its condition can be a reflection of a person’s health. If a person’s skin looks unhealthy, it can often mean that the person as a whole is unhealthy. This may be due to poor diet in terms of their daily eating habits. Everything you eat and drink will affect the appearance of your skin. Therefore, it is very important to care for both the skin and body every day. The skin works to prevent toxins from penetrating deep into the body. It fights elements by electo-statically filtering chemicals out of the air and concentrating these polluted cells in the top layer of the skin before shedding them. That is why polluted environments are so hard on our skin.

If you are not eating plenty of healthy foods, your skin will show it. If you are drinking too much alcohol or smoking, the same results take place. You must take care of your skin on a daily basis to prevent aging.
You can do this by eating wholesome foods, drinking plenty of water, cleansing properly, and avoiding numerous toxins that will keep your skin from looking and being its best. You will never have to reverse the damage that could occur throughout the years, if good care starts early in life.

If you have already experienced damage, it is not too late for you. Your body is always regenerating itself, and given the right treatment, you can reverse damage. The sooner you start the better. Some basic tips to start with are. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Drink plenty of water. Use sun block not a screen for skin and hair. Eat plenty of healthy, vitamin-rich foods. Avoid smoking. Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol. Use natural skin care products; no mineral oil or petroleum products on the skin.

How Wrinkel Creams Damage the Skin

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