Simply put, the strongest bodies are the most well-fed bodies. Unfortunately, modern diets are crammed with processed, fatty and sugary foods that considerably weaken your body, making it sluggish and less able to protect you. Your body essentially puts down its defenses. Fake foods also encourage poor decision-making by creating an addiction to certain substances.

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Most people probably live under the assumption that their place of dwelling is a safe haven from all the dangers that lurk “out there.” But little do you know that many common household products contain deadly chemicals that are known to cause cancer, reproductive harm, birth defects and other health damage.

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Kat Wright CEO of Frownies Beauty, Personal Wellness and Natural Skin Care formulator. Founder and CEO of Avenues To Wellness Yoga and Healthy Cooking center for self care, Author, Wellness educator having more than 30 years experience.

Kat helps others experience the blessing of an abundant life of health and wellness, as a Yoga instructor, traditional Naturopath (ND), Certified Nutritional Consultant and Certified Natural Health Professional, Raw Foods Chef, speaker, author and business owner. Alternative health advocate for over 30 years, committed to moving forward and continuing on a path of personal growth in all areas of life and supporting others commitment to do the same. A woman in progress, wife, mother of five adults, grandmother of two, committed to God, family and community.Blessed beyond measure and sent here at this time to be a blessing. Here to help you be blessed on your journey!

Is your food making you sick Do you live in a toxic environment