By approaching simplicity through the definition  “easily understood or done, presenting no difficulty,” it becomes more appealing. Who wouldn’t want their day to be full of ease and presenting no difficulty?



When we focus on one thing at a time, we create a much richer and more valuable experience. The more we simplify, the easier it becomes to stay centered because there are less forces pulling at us. We find clarity and the ability to make necessary change.

Begin by eliminating one thing from your  list of to do’s each day.
Second, practice being completely present to whatever, or
whomeveryou are with in the moment.

painted yoga

Our world is anything but simple. We contribute to its overwhelm by continually adding more to our plates. Even the word simple now holds a boring or blasé connotation to some. But with too much external focus, and materialistic stimulation, we lose the ability to orient ourselves and our identity becomes  associated with what we have and what we do, rather than who we are.  We grow more and more uncomfortable with ourselves and feel the need  for more achievement.  We lose sight of what we have achieved and how blessed we are.

Simplicity addresses the need to clarify ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally in order to reclaim our natural state of joy.

I recently read this analogy to eating all day non stop, imagine how you would feel physically if you ate continually. The body needs time to rest between meals, to assimilate and eliminate food, so the psyche needs time to turn off  to integrate inner and outer experience. If the essence of our daily existence is a desperate effort to get it all done, constantly engaging with the next task, we never have a chance to digest and assimilate what has already been accomplished, let alone feel creative.


In our current culture, stress is at an all time high. I counsel people who feel overwhelmed, unable to keep up. This feeling   locks the parasympathetic nervous system into the production of cortisol and heightens the body’s fight,  flight or freeze response. When we run on this high, for an extended period of time, we become unable to relax and slow down, and eventually we burn out.  Our immune systems become compromised and stress-induced illnesses develop.

There  are many choice and change is not something most people like even if it means better health.

In this  over-stimulated world, choosing simplicity is one of the most challenging choices we can make – and one of the most essential. It can help us reorient our relationship to God through Christ and teach us to live what we believe, which is of course the point of  a Yoga practice at Avenues to Wellness Yoga in Centerville Ohio. By practicing simplicity, we make room for what matters most.
Join us for simple yoga check the times at the link. Lets get simple!

Living Simply