front_highres_finalMonthly gatherings At Wellness Yoga studio offer education and information on topics to help you live a healthy well balanced life style.  Lets face it keeping ourselves healthy is a challenge in today fast paced life.  You probably have to move things around on your schedule to make these gatherings and that is a big commitment.  I takes time to create new habits and committing to yourself is often the last priority.  Please do not wait until you are in a health crisis.  Start today evaluate your lifestyle and plan you future health.  Start doing that now and join us on May 31 to bring it a step towards your goal.  The topic weight management may or may not be of interest to you but understand weight management is health management.

This month we are having a Pot-Luck but don’t let that scare you away.  Bring a simple salad, soup, side dish, non-GMO chips and salsa or call me for ideas.  You need to call to reserve you seat and we can discuss what to bring.  I look forward to seeing you in good health and sharing it with others as well.

This class is a continuation in our goal to offer innovative classes on various topics in order to provide clarity in the process of learning how to use Essential Oils in your daily life.  Please bring a healthy dish for our Potluck.Click the link below to find our flyer to share.


Potluck May 31

Monthy Support Gatherings “Living Healthy”