Almonds are a good source of vitamin E and are about 20 percent protein, so they are also very filling.


  • 2 cup almonds, soaked for 4 hours or more pour off the soak water and rinse well
  • 8 cups purified water

You may add flavors below you just go go with the nuts and water.

  • you may 2-3 Medjool date
  • A few drops of natural vanilla¬† extract
  • 2 tbs. cacao powder for chocolate flavor


  1. Place almonds and water in a blender and blend on high speed.
  2. Strain mixture through a nut milk bag or a couple of layers of cheese cloth into a bowl.
  3. Rinse blender and add back in the strained liquid.
  4. Add date or flavors and blend.
  5. Refrigerate and enjoy.


Nut Milk