YOGA Group or private.



As a Wellness Center AT Wellness Yoga will  provide coaching to help you become your best ever, live your healthiest life and become what you have been looking for!

Would you like to organize your life and wellness? Eat more nutrient dense whole foods! Get lean and strong?  Become more flexible?  Even manage your finances better? Do you make New Year resolutions and not find your self able to stick to them? After you have read my book and decided how you would like to proceed we could have a conversation that will move you forward on your plan. If you feel you would like to take some cooking classes first start with the DVD on cooking

You will be given an arsenal of information with the cooking DVDs and Health supportive books, so you can create your best healthy life, with you ideal weight and and energy.

After you have listened to the DVD you might want to keep your mind focused on wellness and purchase the 12 part CD to listen to in your car.

Let me know what resonates with you. I am here to provide you with the support you need to create a healthy plan and live the plan.

If you are interested in personal one on one coaching my fee is $75.00 for 60 minutes and the first conversation is free. Contact me at

If you want to try bio-feedback for stress reduction or put your body in balance and harmony ask about L.I.F.E. biofeedback.

Do you need a speaker at your next event or seminar? It’s Kat’s passion to motivate the community and audience towards a healthy lifestyle. Contact  Kat at for more information.