Some of the children receiving the bags of food do not have adults with them during the day so the items need to be easy to open single sizes get creative,  You may buy enough for 10 weeks  bring them as you see fit.  This is not going to be monitored you know how important children are.

Marconi and cheese cups

Ravioli small cups

Pears, peaches, Mandarin oranges

Pudding cups

Fruit bars

Granola Bars

Peanut butter, small jars

Tuna small cans pot top lids



Single size cereal boxes

Instant oatmeal individual packets

small cans of vegetables with pop top

Cereal Bars

Juice box

Ramen noodles

Soup, pop top

Peanut butter crackers

Microwave popcorn

Hot coco packets

Pop tarts

Toaster waffles


Sonshine Food Bag needs in Germantown