Most people are aware that stress can have very negative effects on our body, from headaches and nausea to trouble sleeping and depression, but many don’t realize that the everyday pressures of life can also make you fat!  In fact, stress is directly linked to the release of hormones that trigger food cravings and mask our body’s ability to know when it’s full.

One major culprit is cortisol, a hormone that gives us energy to handle stressful situations but also induces powerful cravings to ensure our energy stores are quickly replenished.  The problem is that we end up craving simple sugars and carbohydrates, which offer quick energy but don’t help us a bit when it comes to belly fat.  The result is a bulging waistline, often regardless of how much we exercise.

So how can we combat stress and win the battle of the bulge?  Relaxation is key.  Activities like meditation, YOGA, listening to music, and reading can all help us unwind, while hobbies can distract our minds from the stresses of life.  Eating well, exercising and taking a daily anti-stress supplements can also help. Join  me for my last cooking class on 2012 and set some goals to creating a healthier you.

November 10th 2012 at 3:00 we will come together to discuss delicious foods for the holiday season and how they can help you avoid the health destroyer foods.

Stress can make you fat