A vast numbers of people who have trouble digesting grains and pasteurized dairy products have serious digestive troubles brewing. Who is going to tell you if you are one of them?

The problem is associated with the foods you eat? Do you think your health care provider (Doctor) has time to spend educating you on how to eat? How much would you pay the doctor to tell you not to eat the foods you have grown up loving? Are you one of the billions of individuals who just wants to take something to cover the symptom?

Gluten, a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley, wreaks havoc in people with Celiac disease, but what if you don’t yet have celiac disease? What causes this condition medical authorities like the Journal of American Medicine and others all say the exact cause of celiac disease is unknown.

The intestines contain projections (called villi) that absorb nutrients. In undiagnosed or untreated celiac disease, these villi become flattened. This affects the ability to absorb nutrients properly.

Natural health professionals and nutritionist all know what causes this condition and it starts with the process refined foods in the American diet and pasteurized dairy products triggering an immune reaction that damages the small intestine and prevents absorption of nutrients.

Large numbers of people, perhaps even the majority of the population, are adversely affected by gluten on some level, even though most of them don’t have full-blown celiac disease, just a lesser form of gluten intolerance.

Grains and sugars are pro-inflammatory and will worsen any condition that has chronic inflammation at its cause — and not just inflammation in your gut, but anywhere in your body.

In fact, if you want to avoid heart disease, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes or even cancer, you will want to severely limit your processed grain consumption, or avoid grains entirely.

In my experience about 75-80 percent of ALL people benefit from avoiding grains, whether you have celiac disease, gluten intolerance or neither of those conditions. Your body is simply not designed to eat the high levels of processed grains so common in diets today. We also need to learn to chew grains and most Americans don’t take time to chew. Think about it next time you eat.

The same holds true for pasteurized dairy products. Drinking pasteurized milk is frequently associated with a worsening of health, and this is largely due to the pasteurization process itself. As Sally Fallon of the Weston Price Foundation stated:
“Pasteurization destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamin content, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, kills beneficial bacteria, promotes pathogens and is associated with allergies, increased tooth decay, colic in infants, growth problems in children, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.”

The USDA reports that the top nine foods eaten by Americans are:
• Whole cow”s milk
• 2 percent milk
• Processed American cheese
• White bread
• White flour
• White rolls
• Refined sugar
• Colas
• Ground beef

No wonder we have a health crisis in America. Be a part of the solution not a part of the problem. Stop eating the above foods.

The Cause of Celiac and Other Digestive Problems