What are the side effects caused by fast foods?

Could it be Migraines?

Turns out chemical laden processed foods can trigger migraines. The chemical soup in most fast food meals can be a toxic overload.  What you may not know is that the quick meal is loaded with things like nitrates, artificial sweeteners and monosodium glutamate (MSG). Nitrates are added to many fast foods in order to protect from certain bacteria and to give meat a cured taste and MSG enhances flavor of food and stimulates the taste buds and the nervous system, which can lead to pressure in your brain.

Could it be Depression?

Eating sugary and fatty foods regularly usually means you aren’t eating foods that give you nutrients that are essential for mental health, like antioxidants, folate and Omega-3’s. Without enough of these, you can experience symptoms of depression. So when you fill up on fast food you miss out on nutrient rich foods.

Could it be Decreased Sex Drive and premature aging?

Fatty foods can trigger biochemical changes that can cause libido, sperm count and ovulation to take a dive.  This affects even moods and weight gain and increases cellular aging. Your body gets older that the number of years you have actually lived.

Maybe Food Addiction?

High levels of fat and sugar can cause blood sugar levels to spike and crash, leading you to need even more in order to just maintain any balance. Eating chemical laden fatty food makes you need more to feel the high of the spike and that is an addiction.


Many people justify eating fast food because they had a lighter meal earlier or because they have a fast metabolism. Fast food will slow your metabolism and leaving your feeling sluggish and nutrient deficient. Plan ahead and learn how to have nutritious delicious foods available.  Check out Avenues to Wellness ANTI-AGING BOOTCAMP and learn to slow your cellular aging, make life healthier and happier.

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What are the Side Effects of Fast Foods?