There are three basic metabolic types. Simply stated they are a carbohydrate type, a protein type and a type that must eat a 50- 50 balance of each. By answering the following questions and total ling up the number of A., B, or C answers you have I will help you decide what is the best food to eat that balances your body and specific metabolic type. It may take some thought to answer the questions but think after you eat and throughout the day how you feel. You may have never thought about these things or it might be easy to answer the question for you. There is not a right or wrong answer. You are who you are and each of us needs different things. REMEMBER THE RULES FOR QUALITY FOOD FOLLOW FOR EVERY TYPE, SEE THE EATING GUIDELINES IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THEM.

Anger and irritability

A.When I feel angry eating meat of fatty foods seems to make it worse

B. Sometimes eating relieves my anger and it doesn’t really matter what I eat

C. I often notice that feelings of anger or irritability have abated after I eat something heavy and fatty like meat


  1. When I feel anxious fruits and vegetables calm me down
  2. Eating almost anything helps
  3. Heavy fatty food improves the way I feel and lessens my anxiety

Ideal Breakfast

A. No breakfast of something light

B. . Eggs toast fruit

C. Eggs, bacon hash browns, toast or steak and eggs.

Meal preference; no rules this is your day to do what you want.

  1. I choose lighter foods such as chicken turkey vegetables and I’d sample various deserts
  2. I would choose a combinations of foods from a and c
  3. I choose rich fatty foods: roast beef, beef stroganoff, pork chops, ribs, salmon, potatoes, few vegetables, maybe a small salad cheesecake or no desert.


A. I do best in warn or hot weather can’t take the cold

B. Temperature doesn’t matter I do well in hot or cold

c. I do best in cold can not take the heat.

Chest Pressure

C.I have a tendency to have problems with chest pressure


A. I do well on coffee

B. I can take it or leave it

C. I don’t do well with coffee it makes me jumpy nervous, nauseated shaky

Appetite at breakfast

A. Low lacking

B. Normal don’t notice being strong or weak

C. Noticeably strong or above average

Appetite at Lunch

A. Low lacking

B. Normal don’t notice being strong or weak

C. Noticeably strong or above average

Appetite at Dinner

A. Low lacking

B. Normal don’t notice being strong or weak

C. Noticeably strong or above average

Concentration; what foods worsen your ability to concentrate?

A. Meat and fatty food

B. No food seem to disrupt my concentration

C. fruits and vegetables and grain based carbohydrates


C . I tend to cough every day

Cracking of the skin

C . I tend to have cracking of the skin

Cravings besides sugar

A. Vegetables, fruits, grain based products

C Salty fatty foods cheese potato chips, meats


C I have no problem with it


A. I tend to feel more depressed after eating meets and fatty foods

C I tend to feel more depressed after eating fruits and vegetables.


A. I really love deserts
B. I enjoy deserts form time to time but can take it or leave it
C. I don’t care for sweet that much I do like something fatty or salty chips popcorn

Desert preference

A. Cakes cookies fruit pies candies
B. No preference
C. Fatty types like cheesecakes French pastries

Ideal dinner

A. Something light chicken rid=ce and salad
B. Most foods work fine
C. I do better with heavier meal

Ear color

A. Pale lighter thatn my skin
B. Same shade as my face
C. Darker than my facial tones

Eating before bed anything

A. Disrupts my sleep
B. Doesn’t seem to make a difference
C. Usually helps me sleep

Eating heavy foods before bed

A. Disturbs my sleep
B. Okay as long as not too much
C. Improves my sleep

Eating light foods before bed

A. Don’t do well eating before sleep but lighter is better
B. I can take it or leave it
C. It’s better than nothing but I do better with heavy foods before bed

Eating sweets before bed

A. Sweets do not interfere with my sleep at all
B. Sweets sometimes bother my sleep
C. I clearly do not do well eating sweets before bed

Eating frequency; how often do you eat each day

A. 2 to 3 meals a day and either no snacks usually, or light snack
B. 3 times a day and no snack
C. 3 times a day or more and snacks, often substantial

Eating habits

A. unconcerned with eating may forget to eat rarely think about food, I eat because I have to
B. I enjoy food enjoy eating rarely miss a meal but don’t really focus on food
C. I love food love to eat, food is a big or central part of my day

Eye moisture

A. My eyes tend to be dry
B. I don’t notice one way or the other
C. My eyes tend to be very moist

Skipping meals

A. Doesn’t really bother me
B. I may not be at my best but it doesn’t bother me
C. I defiantly feel worse, irritable, jittery, weak, tired, low on energy

Facial coloring

A. I am on the pale side
B. I have average coloring
C. I am noticeably darker or pink flushed face

Facial complexion

A. More dull and pasty
B. Average
C. Bright radiant clear

Fatty food

A. I don’t really like fatty food
B. They’re fine in moderation
C. I love them and crave them and would like them more often

Fingernail thickness

A. My nails tend to be thick, strong and hard
B. Seem average in thickness
C. I definitely tend to have thin and weak nails

Fruit salad lunch

A. It satisfies me I do well on it and don’t get hungry
B. I do pretty well but usually need a snack before dinner
C. Pretty bad results I usually get sleepy tired spacy depressed anxious irritable and hungry

Gaining Weight

A. Meats and fatty foods cause me to gain weight
B. No particular foods seem to cause me to gain weight I will gain if I eat too much or not enough
C. I tend to gain weight eating too many carps(bread, pasta, other grain products, fruits and or vegetables.

Gag reflex

A. I rarely if ever gag it is hard to make me gag
B. I probably have a normal gag reflex
C. I easily gag or often gag

Goose bumps

A. I often get goose bumps
B. I occasionally get goose bumps
C. I rarely if ever get goose bumps

Energy boosters

A. Fruit, candy , pastry gives me energy
B. Just about anything gives me energy
C. Meat or fatty foods restores my energy and well being.

Heavy Fat Meal Reaction

A. Decreases my wellbeing and energy, makes me sleepy or cause indigestion
B. Cause no reaction one way or the other
C. Increases my well being makes me feel good

Hunger feelings

A. I rarely get hungry or feel hungry
B. I have pretty normal hunger
C. I often feel hungry

Energy drain

A. Meet and fatty food generally makes me more tired
B. No food in particular seem to take me down
C. Fruit, pastry or candy, makes me worse, giving me a quick lift then crash

Insect bites and stings

A. Reactions tend to be mild or week and go away quickly
B. Average reaction
C. Clearly a strong reaction

Insomnia; routinely wake up in the middle of the night for reasons other than having to go to the bathroom.

A. I rarely get this kind of insomnia
B. I occasionally wake up and need to eat in order to go back to sleep
C. I often wake up and need to eat in order to go back to sleep

Itching eyes

C I tend to get itching eyes often

Meal portions

A. I don’t eat much defiantly less than average
B. I don’t seem to eat more or less than other people
C. I generally eat large portions of food, more than most people

Nose moisture

A. My nose often seems too dry
B. I don’t notice my nose being too dry or to moist
C. My nose often tends to run

Fruit juice between meals

A. It energizes me satisfies me and nourishes me.
B. It’s okay, isn’t always the best snack for me
C. Overall bad results, hungry shaky, nauseated, anxious, depressed


A. I tend to be more aloof, withdrawn
B. I am pretty average
C. I tend to be more social a people person


A. I don’t really care for them that much
B. I can take them or leave them
C. I really love them could eat them every day

Red meat

A. It decreases my energy and well being
B. I don’t notice one way or the other
C. I really love it and feel better when I eat red meet

Pupil size The size of my pupil tends to be

A. Larger than my iris
B. Average the same size as the iris
C. Smaller that my iris

Salad for lunch

A. I do well with this lunch
B. I can get by but isn’t the best
C. Bad results

Saliva quantity

A. My mouth tends to be dry
B. I don’t notice
C. I tend to have a lot of saliva

Salty food

A. Foods often taste too salty
B. I don’t really notice
C. I really love salt


A. I rarely if ever want or need snacks
B. I occasionally want or need a snack
C. I often want or need snacks

Snack preference

A. I generally don’t need snacks but if I do I prefer something sweet
B. I tend to do well on pretty much anything
C. I definitely want and need snacks in order to be my best


A. I almost never sneeze
B. I do sneeze from time to time
C. I often sneeze and tend to sneeze after eating


A. I tend to be a little antisocial
B. I am in the middle
C. I tend to be very social

Sour foods

A. I generally don’t care for sour foods
B. I don’t feel one way of the other
C. I defiantly like sour foods

Physical and Mental Stamina My stamina is better when I eat

A. Light foods like fish , fruit , vegetables
B. Pretty much any wholesome food
C. Heavy fatty foods

Consuming sweets

A. Sweets don’t bother me even when I eat them by themselves
B. I am sometimes bothered when eating sweets alone
C. I usually don’t do well eating sweets by themselves

Meat for breakfast

A. I don’t feel well as I so without it.
B. I can take it or leave it
C. I feel much better with it more energetic

Red meat for lunch

A. I don’t feel as well as I do without it
B. I can take it or leave it
C. I feel much better with it; more energetic

Red meat for dinner

A. I don’t feel as well as I do without it
B. I can take it or leave it
C. I feel much better with it more energetic

Dinner preference

A. Dinner plate 1. Skinless chicken breast, rice salad apple pie
B. Dinner plate 2 a combination of 1 and 3
C. Dinner plate 3 cooked pot roasts with carrots, onions and potatoes served with biscuits and gravy and cheesecake.

Total all the A________

Total all the B________

Total all the C________

The percent of protein and Carbohydrates you should eat make a big difference in your bodies overall health, and weight. Each of us is different and unique. If you eat what is right for me that may not work for you.

Generally if you have mostly C you probably can eat more protein than the average person.
If you had more B you are a mixed type and it is important to eat an equal balance of carbohydrates and protein daily.
A – types are carbohydrate types and will not do well eating much animal protein. You need a variety of complex carbohydrates and proteins from grains and beans.

ALL TYPES NEED TO EAT ORGANIC, CLEAN WHOLE FOODS THAT ARE FREE OF CHEMICALS AND ADDITIVES that ARE NOT PROCESSED. Eating in restaurants it is important to choose wisely to control the amount of chemicals and toxic sodium in the foods.

What is your metabolic type?