FREE Wellness Seminar March 9, 2009

I am doing this for you. Whoever you are the information is something you will want at some point in your life. I know the sooner the better. It is easier to look for a reason to create health than to respond to Cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. etc. Your health depends on your choices. Choose health today.

I have had several friends and family members recently diagnosed with serious illnesses and they had all been exposed to healthy lifestyle reasons and actions. Some of them may attend to share with you thier personal experience.

I am preventive minded and have vision for which path leads to where. I would prefer you prevent the problem paths.

Why do I share this because I am compelled to give away what has benefited me. I do not believe our gifts are for only our benefits. For the past 25 plus years I have had great blessing and reward by attending to a balanced lifestyle caring for body, spirit, and soul.

The time I spend one on one with individuals I cannot give away. I need to exchange my time for money so I can pay others to do my work in other areas. Please get this Free while you can.

If you are in the area join me on Thursday evenings at7:00 pm. for a FREE wellness seminar held in Dayton, Ohio at C2 (Christ Cathedral Church on the second floor). You can call me at my office and leave your name and number to register for the seminar and get directions or go to

Call 937-298-0265 extension 310  just leave your name and telephone number on the recording and I will call you back.

Why Should You Attend?

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