Why should you do a cleanse?

When I am balanced, I make more mindful decisions. This relates to what I do, say, think, and even the food I choose to eat. Yoga helps set me back to balance.  A daily practice is wonderful but if you’re not there yet do what you can, sit still with your legs up the wall and take cleansing breaths.

Cleansing is a process that will reset your balance. Over time, environmental factors and daily lifestyle choices shift our balance point. The shifts may be small but over time they add up. For example, having a second latte three times per week does not seem like a big deal, or just one more glass of wine. However, over a month that turns into 11 more lattes, filled with extra sugar, calories, and caffeine. Now we have this new “normal” intake of caffeinated calories, and our bathroom scale may begin to reflect this. Wine it’s easy to get into the habit of every meal.

Doing a cleanse is a reset button physically and mentally. You reawaken your awareness of what, why, and when you are taking in anything extra that detracts from equilibrium and throws you off balance. Then, you can more mindfully choose the healthiest options to maintain your center. You make more conscious food decisions because you are simply more aware of what you’re doing.

Evolve Toward Your Highest Good

The balance equation is not as simple as simply doing what worked well yesterday. Today, we have more environmental toxicity than ever before. The speed of life inundates us with radically increased stress from daily activities. Sadly, even the nutrients in our foods are different than they were twenty years ago.

As a result, we need to reassess and keep evolving our lifestyle decisions, including exercise and nutrition. This concept of evolving toward our highest good is spiritual. Therefore, a cleanse is a spiritual practice.

Changing our yoga poses according to the day of the week, time of year, how we’re feeling is an essential part of spiritual growth. A cleanse gives us the opportunity to recalibrate. Both yoga and cleansing are spiritual. They keep you centered.

At Avenues to Wellness Yoga we practice Christ centered yoga to quiet our spirit and commune deeply with the Holy Spirit.  Join us and come to the cleanse class as well. Class is offered by Kat Wright ND on Saturday April 18 1:00-3:00.  $15.00 includes instruction and juice.  Start your spring 30 day cleanse. Your Health in Your Hands Exposing health and empowering women

Yoga and Cleanse are spititual practices