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Water is the most important thing you consume:


I spend a lot of energy talking about alkaline and acid conditions in the body and which foods create an acid condition my book describes this in detail.

Did you know most of the beverages you drink are acid forming? Even water? Acid conditions lead to disease!

Drinking water is a popular thing to do….just look at the choices that are in bottled varieties; spring-sourced, fruit-flavored, vitamin enriched.

What do all bottled waters have in common? They are all acidic when tested for their pH value.  This makes them agents of oxidation; carriers of those pesky free oxygen radicals.

Learn what difference it makes to you having acid pH in your drinking water and understand why pH is important.
Antioxidant  level in blue berries is -90 but you can get your antioxidants from water too!
Clean up your water, ionize your water, micro-cluster your water.  What do you need for your situation?

Acid/Alkaline……. Hydration and Cellular Aging

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This hydration coaching lasts one hour and  is FREE but you must  call 937-477-6125 or email kwright@frownies.com to make an appointment.

Do you have:

  • Acid Reflex
  • Diabetes
  • Need to loose a little weight
  • Feeling stiff and sore almost all the time
  • Have a condition you are using lifestyle to correct, you may want to see what proper hydration can do.





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